School Rules and Regulation

The Rules and Regulations in school are sets of guidelines made available to help the students attain the goals of Zamboanga Chong Hua High School education. They serve with a very definite purpose – to ensure that the environment in the school and the classroom will make learning possible and strengthen the student’s character through education. It is in this spirit that parents and students are expected to follow school rules and regulations.

General Regulations
1.The enrollment of the student at ZCHHS is an expression of willingness on the part of the student and his/her parents/guardians to abide by all the rules and regulations prevailing in this institution.
2.The school reserves the right to admit, re-admit, refuse, or dismiss at anytime any student who fails to give satisfactory evidence of earnestness of purpose and active cooperation in all requirements of conduct and school work.
3.Students whose parents do not reside in Zamboanga City should have a guardian in the city who is duly authorized by the parents to assume the responsibility towards the student.
4.Regular office hours to transact business are from 8:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., then 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., Mondays to Fridays, and 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. on Saturdays.
5.Conferences and consultation of parents with teachers or school administrators should be by appointment through the Administration Office and which should be done in advance.
6.It is the primary duty and responsibility of the parents/guardians to know and keep track of the progress of their children in school. Thus, they are expected to confer with the school authorities whenever calls for conferences are issued to them. This is to enhance the harmonious relationship between the school and the home for the welfare of the student.
7.Students, as individual or groups, may not use the name and/or logo of the school without authorization from the Office of the Principal. This implies to print programs, invitations, announcements, tickets, and similar materials.
8.Activities and press releases concerning the school should be cleared through the Office of the Principal.
9.Lockers are available in the respective buildings at a reasonable semester- basis rental payable in advance at the Accounting Office. The school reserves the right to open any locker at any time deemed necessary.
10.English and Chinese are the media of instruction in the school. Each student should strive to speak English and Chinese as well.
11.The school doctors, dentists, and nurses render medical services. Students may go to the clinic when needs arise.
12.Only the Principal and the Department Head may call students out of the classroom. All others may not pull out student(s) from their class. The Guidance Office may call student/s for counseling only with a written agreement with the Academic Standard Officer.
13.Classes are suspended in all levels when typhoon Signal No. 2 is raised and when officially declared by DepED through radio, TV, or other medium.
14.Birthday parties within the school premises are not allowed.
15.The use or bringing of “IPOD” and other musical gadgets to school is prohibited. Such gadgets found in the student’s possession will be confiscated.
16.The use of mobile phone during class hours is strictly prohibited. Violation of this rule will mean confiscation of the phone.
17.Students are strictly not allowed to go to third floor of Building C, otherwise their deportment will be affected.

Section Assignment of Pupils / Students
The discretion of the class adviser will be given much weight with regard to the deportment grades of the pupils/students in determining their section assignment. It is in this manner that strong peer “barkada” influence leading to misdemeanor shall be discouraged.

Norms and Behaviors
Norms of conduct serve several purposes. They (1) instill in the young students sense of propriety and decorum; (2) nurture proper attitude of respect for rules; (3) provide a setting that allows learning to take place pleasantly and effectively; (4) ensure and preserve the rights and privileges of everyone, and keep to minimum misunderstanding that may arise from miscommunication.

A. School Uniform
The ZCHHS has prescribed uniforms for its students that are to be worn on school days unless otherwise instructed. Old students must use their uniforms starting the first day of class. New students are given an allowance of one week from school opening day to comply with this rule. After this extension, no excuse will be accepted for failure to use the prescribed school uniforms.

A student may request exemption from wearing the school uniform for valid reason from the Prefect of Discipline for a limited period only. This permit must be shown when requested.

Below are the objectives of wearing of prescribed school uniform:
1.To train the student the habits of neatness and cleanliness and inculcate the practice of simplicity and austerity.
2.To avoid the use and wear of the latest trend and styles in fashion; to save time and money on unnecessary apparels.

A1. Boys
1.White polo shirts with permanent school seal printed on the left pocket.
2.Kindergarten : Navy blue short pants
Elementary : Khaki short pants
High School : Khaki long pants (straight cut)
3.Black Belt
4.Black leather shoes and white socks

A2. Girls
1.Kindergarten: Light blue jumper over short sleeve white blouse, baby collared.
2.Elementary and High School: White blouse with permanent school seal printed or sewn on the left pocket worn tucked in.
3.Round pleated navy blue skirt two inches below the knee.
i. Skirt with straps from Grades I to II.
ii. Skirt without straps from Grades IV to High School.

A3. The wearing of prescribed school uniform is compulsory for all students. All uniforms should conform to the prescribed materials, colors, styles, lengths, fit and usages.

A4. Other special uniforms can only be worn during specific class schedules.

A5. Proper care should be taken at all times when wearing the uniform as it represents the school.

A6. Shirts or blouses should not be left open beyond the first button from the collar.

A7. Only plain white under-shirt is allowed. Colored under-shirt is strictly not allowed when wearing the school uniform.

A8. Chemise or sandos are encouraged for girls.

A9. All students are required to wear black shoes and white socks on school days (morning and afternoon). High heeled shoes, boots, sandals, step-ins are prohibited.

A10. Attachments of unauthorized insignias, pins or noise-making devices to the uniform are prohibited.

A11. Dying of hair is strictly prohibited. No student or pupil will be allowed inside the campus with dyed hair.

A12. Boys are strictly prohibited to wear earrings.

A13. On occasions that do not require school uniform, students should wear casual but decent clothes. By decent clothes means wearing respectable attire.

A14. Haircut and proper grooming inspection is done every first Monday of the month or any day of the first week. Violators/offenders will be sent to the Office of Student Affairs.

A15. Wearing of jewelry in school is strongly discouraged.

B. Proper Grooming
B1. Boys
1.Prescribed hair-cut set by the Office of Student Affairs should always be strictly adhered to.
2.Hair should be cut short. The back portion of the hair must not touch the collar, sides should not touch the upper tip of the ear.
3.Bangs should be kept short. It should not extend lower than the eyebrows.
4.Punk hairdo and growing of sideburns, beard and mustache are not allowed.
5.Hair should be neatly combed and styled.

B2. Girls
1.Good grooming is a must. Hair should be neatly combed and styled and kept in place with either a hairband, clip, ribbon, or must be braided or tied into a pony tail.
2.Front bangs should not extend lower than the eyebrows.
3.Faddish attire like mini-skirts, mini pants or shorts, short blouses and plunging necklines, haltered and tube blouses are not allowed.
4.Applying of make-ups and wearing of big earrings are not allowed except during programs and other special occasions.
5.Manicured nails or long finger nails are not allowed.

C. Classroom Decorum
1.If learning session is to take place, students must always conduct themselves properly in the classroom.
2.There shall always be order and silence in the classroom. If the teacher is late or out, students are to review their lessons silently.
3.Courtesy demands that students who wish to leave or enter the classroom while classes are going on should ask permission from the teacher.
4.Students are assigned permanent seats by their teachers. They should not transfer seats unless allowed by the subject teacher. At the beginning of the school year, a student is assigned a particular chair. He should take note of the seat number and take care of this chair, as if it were his own, throughout the school year.
5.Respect and courtesy should be accorded to the teacher. When a teacher, school authority or visitor enters or leaves the room, students should rise and stand at attention.
6.Students should refrain from chewing gum or eating in the classroom.
7.Ridiculing, mocking, or laughing at the mistakes of others are bad manners and should be avoided.
8.When called for recitation or when asking questions from the teacher, the student should stand erect and answer / ask questions in a firm voice. Prompting or disturbing the one reciting should never be done during recitation / asking questions.
9.When admonished, it is gentlemanly to accept correction. Any student who disagrees with the teacher may present his/her disagreement respectfully.
10.Students must use with care the school properties such as furniture, laboratory, sports etc. Any student who breaks or damages any thing due to unruly conduct or carelessness shall be responsible and accountable thereof. Of the responsibility that cannot be pinpointed or determined, the whole class will be made responsible.
11.Cleanliness and orderliness must be maintained by all students. Before leaving the room, the student must keep his/her chair in order and clean up his/her place of litters.
12.Wall and chalkboards must be kept clean. Students should not play with chalk and eraser or write anything on the chalkboards.
13.Students should stay in the classroom during class hours or during periods of intervals unless there is a written permission from the Office of the Principal. Going to Comfort Rooms during class hours must be discouraged by the teacher and must be done only before classes start, during recess time, and dismissal.
14.No student is allowed to open his/her locker during class hours. Students can go to the locker area only (a) before the first bell rings (b) during recess and (c) after classes.
15.Personal visits from one room to another should never be done during class hours.
16.Loitering, running around or engaging in horseplay or games during or in between class hours are prohibited.
17.No interruption during class hours such as announcements, notices, etc., are allowed unless with written permission from the administration.

D. Intramurals
1.Attendance in the annual ZCHHS Intramural is compulsory. All students are required to attend the intramural and the Attendance Officer of each class shall check the attendance.
2.All students are encouraged to participate in all intramural games to promote the spirit of sportsmanship and unity.
3.The non-players are obliged to give moral support to their players in any events.

E. Off-Campus Activities
1.Before undertaking any off-campus activities like class picnic, field trip, camping, excursion, etc. all participating students should submit their parent’s consent letters which are issued by the teacher in charge of a particular activity.
2.If a student fails to present a reply slip from his/her parent or guardian to the teacher in charge, he/she cannot join such off-campus activity.
3.Any off-campus activities should be cleared and approved by the Principal through the recommendation of the Department Head.
4.Permission from the Principal has to be secured one (1) week before the date of any off-campus activities.
5.The school is not responsible for any activity, which is not approved by the Principal.

F. Other Special Activities
1.The Junior-Senior Promenade, Seniors’ Week and Graduation Ball are some of the special activities attended by high school students.
2.The Grand Annual Alumni Homecoming, Confucius Day/Teachers’ Day, Chinese New Year Celebration and Family Day are special activities attended by the pupils and students of ZCHHS.

G. Permission To Leave School
1.No student may leave the school premises between arrival and dismissal time without the explicit permission from the Prefect of Discipline or the Principal.
2.A student may leave the school earlier than dismissal time if he presents to the Prefect of Discipline a letter signed by his parents or guardian requesting for an early dismissal or an illness notification slip which is signed by the school nurse and class adviser/department head.
3.If the request is granted, a Gate Pass Slip is issued by the Prefect of Discipline to the student. This is surrendered to the security guard on duty at the exit gate. The Prefect of Discipline may inform the parents to fetch him/her. Any GATE PASS issued is only good for a purpose as specified.

NOTE: Parents/guardians may request for early dismissal of their children through any authorized person, or by means of letter or telephone call to the Prefect of Discipline. The required GATEPASS shall be filled-up to present to security guards on duty.

H. Reporting To School After An Illness
1.The student, upon arrival after an illness, must present a medical certificate to the Prefect of Discipline attesting that he was sick and is now ready to attend classes. The Prefect of Discipline may send him to the infirmary/clinic room for a check-up before he/she is allowed to attend classes.
2.The school reserves the right not to allow any student to join any activity if, upon the recommendation of the school physician or the school nurse, his/her presence may pose danger to the health of any member of the community or to him/herself.

I. Curfew Time
1.The Curfew Time is at 5:00 P.M.
2.Only students who have written permission from the Principal, Prefect of Discipline or who are accompanied by a member of the faculty/staff may remain in campus after curfew. Students attending personal academic assistance or special classes must stay within their assigned classrooms or areas. Those waiting for their cars should wait at the gates or at the guardhouse.
3.Practice sessions for school teams or club meetings may continue as long as the coach or the club moderator is physically present with the team or club.

Note: Parents/guardians are advised to fetch their children on time, or after dismissal of classes at 4:00PM or after school activities at 5:00PM. Students should go home immediately after the afternoon classes, or extra/co-curricular activities or any other sanctioned activity by the school.

J. System of Communication
1.Important announcement and notices are posted on designated bulletin boards. It is the responsibility of each student to read notices daily.
2.Students are reminded that bulletin boards are for official use only. Therefore, tampering notices is considered a serious offense.

K. Circular for Parents
1.Circulars for parents are frequently sent through the students. Students are responsible for returning the slips attached to parent circulars.
2.Failure to submit the return slip on the designated day will merit an appropriate disciplinary sanction.

Note: Parents/guardians of high school students, who are interested to apply for lunch pass for their children must submit a letter of intent supported by reasons one week after regular classes have started. Upon approval, these parents / guardians will be made to sign a form containing the school conditions.

L. Restricted/Off-Limits Area
Students may not enter restricted and off-limit areas without explicit permission to transact official business. The following are considered RESTRICTED/OFF-LIMIT areas:
1.Principal’s Office
2.Administration Office
3.General Office
4.Faculty Rooms
5.The Faculty Computer Workroom, Lounges, and Comfort Rooms

M. Care of School Property
A Chong Hua student is expected to take pride of his/her school and show it by treating school property/facilities with care and keeping the campus and the buildings neat and clean. Any damage caused by the student to the property of Zamboanga Chong Hua High School or of others must be repaired or replaced at the student’s expense.
a. Classroom
1.All students are responsible for keeping their classrooms and the immediate surroundings neat and orderly at all times.
2.Cleaning materials should be kept in their proper places.
3.Lights and fans should be turned off, and doors should be locked whenever the class leaves the room. This is mainly the responsibility of the beadle and sub-beadle.
4.Classroom cleaners are assigned to stay after class hours to prepare their own room for the following school day. They are responsible for closing the windows, cleaning the blackboard and doing a general cleaning of their classroom and the corridor fronting their classroom.
5.During lunchtime, students may eat inside the classroom provided that cleanliness and orderliness are observed. Forfeiture of the privilege of using the classrooms outside of class time may be imposed for any abuse in the use of room facilities or violation/disregard of the regulation.
b. Building and Furniture
1.Students are expected to use school furniture/equipment with proper care. Sitting on top of tables, desks, chair’s backrest; sliding down the stair’s railways; banging/kicking of doors, chalkboard, bulletin board and the like are violations of school rules and warrant proper sanctions.
2.Students are reminded that playing in the lavatories, pushing, wasting water or tissue paper, or committing any acts of vandalism will be subject to proper sanctions.
3.Any damage incurred by a student to school property will be repaired or replaced at the student’s expense, which is ten times the amount of the property damaged. It will also subject the same student to disciplinary sanction.
4.In coordination with the Property Custodian, an assessment/inventory of the school property/equipment assigned to the students will be made for clearance purposes at the end of the school year.
5.It is the duty of every student to report to the Prefect of Discipline’s Office any damaged property, such as broken windowpanes, scratched desks and chairs, etc.
c. School Grounds
As members of the Chong Hua Community, all students are expected to help preserve the cleanliness of the school grounds. It is their responsibility to remind or correct those who may be negligent in observing this rule.

N. Use of Other School Facilities
There are standing regulations for the use of Library, Clinic, Canteen, Quadrangle, Gym, etc. Permission to use these facilities must be secured according to established procedures. Students are expected to maintain order and cleanliness in these areas. They have to face the consequences once failure to follow the regulations.
Students who wish to use any classroom after class hours have to register with the Property Custodian and to present the Requisition Approval slip to the janitor.
Students may go to the school canteen for snacks and lunch during recess time and after classes, but not during class hours. They are expected to help maintain orderliness and cleanliness in the canteen.
1.Students are encouraged to use the library facilities. They have to apply for library cards. They are expected to observe and strictly follow the library rules and regulations. Disregard and violation of these rules and regulations will mean corresponding sanction and possible loss of library privileges.
2.Students are enjoined to refrain from activities, which may distract others such as loud conversation, chatting, laughter and the like.
3.Students are reminded that the library is a facility, which is an aid to study and learning. It is, therefore, important that an atmosphere conducive to studying is maintained here at all times.
c.Sports and Athletic Equipment
1.Sports and athletic equipment are available for the use of students, and coaches. These should be treated with care. A student may borrow equipment upon surrender of his ID card. He is responsible for returning what he has borrowed. Any lost equipment will be charged to his account.
2.No sports or athletic equipment may be borrowed during recess or lunch break.
3. All borrowed equipment must be returned by 5:00 P.M.

O. Security and Safety of Personal Belongings
The following procedure is to be observed in order to protect the personal belongings of students:
1.Each student shall take good care of his own belongings. Carelessness, especially when it concerns with valuables, invites the loss of these things. They are discouraged from wearing jewelry in school.
2.The school will not be held responsible for losses of students’ property due to the student’s negligence.
3.Whenever the class leaves the classroom, the doors and windows must be closed and the electric fans and lights must be turned off.
4.Classrooms, which are not used for extra-curricular activities, will be closed after the last class/period.
5.Students who attend extra-curricular activities are urged to bring their personal belongings for better safekeeping and not to leave them inside their classroom.
6.Students are strongly discouraged from bringing expensive items and excessive amount of money to school.
7.Parents delivering food to their children every lunch time, must deposit the lunch bags with the corresponding tag name at the designated area.
8.Parents/guardians are to be made responsible for their personal vehicles parked within the school premises.

P. Lost and Found Articles
Lost and found articles should be reported to the Prefect of Discipline as soon as possible. Notice concerning lost and found articles shall be announced during flag ceremony. Articles unclaimed after five months will be donated to the Student Council of the school as gift-items for the less fortunate in December.

Q. School Identification Card
1.The complete school uniform includes the student’s ID card. The school ID card is an important document, which certifies that an individual is a registered and bona fide student of the school.
2.The complete ID card must have the student’s English and Chinese name, grade/year, picture and signature of the principal.
3.Students are required to pin their school ID at all times before entering the school gate and while within the school premises.
4.A student is required to present or surrender his/her ID when he/she borrows athletic equipment, school equipment, etc.
5.On Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays, students are required to present their ID card to the guard on duty before being allowed to enter the school campus.
6.School ID is non-transferable. Lending or borrowing of ID is strictly prohibited. Tampering of ID card is considered a serious offense.
7.A student will be charged P100.00 for the replacement of a lost ID. In case of lost ID, the student must notify the class adviser immediately.
8.Lost ID cards must immediately be reported to the Prefect of Discipline. Likewise, any ID found must be immediately turned over to the Prefect of Discipline.
9.Students are expected to read and abide by the agreement written at the back of the ID. The school ID is valid for two school years and will be renewed thereafter for another two school years.
10.Student ID will be distributed to students within the first month of the school opening.

R. Gift-giving
Students and/or their parents are strongly discouraged from giving gifts in any form to teachers and/or staff members because it is contrary to the existing school policy.

S. Securing Guidelines for All Concerned
1.A permanent ZCHHS I.D. is required of parents/guardians and watchers who regularly accompany students to school, to deliver lunch, or to fetch students during dismissal. This I.D. may be obtained from the Office of Student Affairs anytime during office hours. It must be worn conspicuously at all times while inside the school premises on the right or left portion of the shirt with picture exposed.
2.School gates will be OPENED on the following schedules and will be kept CLOSED for the rest of the day:
Gate 1: 6:30 a.m. to 8:15 a.m. only
10:50 a.m. to 1:10 p.m. only
3:50 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. only
Gate 2: For exit use only from the campus
12:00 N.N. to 12:15 p.m. only
4:10 p.m. to 4:20 p.m. only
Persons delivering lunch and fetching children must observe and abide by this time schedule and they must not expect for the school to make the time schedule flexible to suit their individual convenience.
3.Outside of this time schedule, occasional visitors or parents who come for appointment or to make some inquiries about school matters are to identify themselves to the security guard. The Security Guard will communicate with the school official through the intercom for instruction. Once it is approved, visitors or parents without the school I.D. should leave their personal ID, driver’s license, or community tax certificate with the security guard and sign their names in the VISITOR’S LOG BOOK. The Security Guard will then issue a temporary VISITOR’S I.D. and the same must be turned over upon leaving the school campus.
4.Parents and/or visitors are required to transact all matters with teachers through the school office. They cannot go directly to any teacher or classroom.
5.The security guard is authorized to inspect bags, water jugs, and belongings of students, visitors and parents entering the school campus when it is deemed necessary.

Smoking, which has been proven to be hazardous to the health of both the smokers and non-smokers alike, is not tolerated inside the campus grounds.