1. For Pre-School Enrollees:
    1. Age Qualification for Pre-School Enrollee
      • Nursery : 3 years old by June of said school year
      • Kinder I : 4 years old by June of said school year
      • Kinder II : 5 years old by June of said school year

        (Children below the required ages need to satisfy additional requirement before acceptance.)

    2. Original Report Card (if students have attended school before)
    3. Satisfactory Performance in Admission Tests
    4. Satisfactory personal interview of pupil-applicant and parents with member(s)
    5. Present the following credentials upon application.
      • Original and photocopy of Birth Certificate
      • Original and photocopy of Certification of Naturalization
      • 6 copies of 1 ´ 1 and 1 copy of 2 ´ 2 colored picture taken recently
  2. For New Students and Transferees in Elementary or High School Department:
    1. All interested applicants must personally apply during the announced period of application.
    2. He/She must present the following credentials upon application:
      • Photocopy of Student’s Report Card (Form 138) or its equivalence properly signed for transfer by the previously attended school
      • Certificate of Good Moral Character
      • No failing grade in any subjects
      • For Foreign/Alien applicants – Photocopy of Alien Certificate of Residence (ACR)
      • Original and photocopy of Birth Certificate
      • 6 copies of 1 ´ 1 and 1 copy of 2 ´ 2 colored pictures
      • Health certificate (physical and chest X-ray)
    3. The applicant must satisfy the following requirements before he/she be allowed to take the Admission Tests:
      • Conduct/deportment grade of B and above
      • Not more than three years older than the average age of pupils/students for the particular year level
      • Passes the initial interview of the Students affairs
  3. Admission Requirements for Old Students
    1. Original Students Report Card (Form 138) of both English and Chinese from last school year attended
    2. Signing of agreement or waiver by parent/guardian and student for delinquent students before admission
    3. Health certification (physical and chest X-ray)
    4. No returning student may be accepted by the school unless the student has been granted an official leave of absence
  4. At the end of every school year an announcement for enrollment schedules for the following school year is attached with the Chinese Report Card.
  5. A student/pupil must be officially enrolled before he/she will be admitted to class. He/She must present to the class adviser in both English and Chinese an Admission Slip that is subject for counter verification with the master list.