HISTORIC MEETING: Birth of ZCHHS Alumni Association

Minutes of the meeting held on October 29, 1978 at the school office at 3PM.

Present: 108 Alumni representing different classes;
Mrs. Leticia C. Alvarez;
Mrs. Carmen Amsid;
Mr. Lorenzo Desembrana;
Mrs. Chang:
  1. The meeting was called to order at 3PM by Mrs. Leticia Alvarez. The table was open for nominations for a temporary chairman. Engr. Benito Ong and Mr. Francis Lim were nominated and Mr. Francis Lim was unanimously elected.
  2. Mr. Francis Lim then took over from Mrs. Leticia Alvarez as Chairman and he opened the table for any suggestions from the body and at the same time proposed that the name of this body be called the Zamboanga Chong Hua High School Alumni Association, there being no objections, this was passed into motion.
  3. Mr. Pedro Chua  suggested that the formation of an interim alumni association be first agenda of the meeting. Again no objections were raised, so this was passed into motion.
  4. Mr. Ramon Que suggested that the help of Mrs. Alvarez be called to form the interim alumni association.
  5. Mrs. Alvarez explained that the idea of having the alumni association is to get the interest of the alumni in the school and to make the community aware that the Chong Hua High School exists and has been existing for the past 60yrs. Mrs. Alvarez suggested that committees be be formed to take care of different jobs. i.e., to form the association and also to plan for the participation of the alumni in the November 12 60th Jubilee Celebration of the  school.
  6. Mr. Pete Chua suggested that the following positions be filled up for the formation of the interim alumni association, to wit: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Sgt.-at-arms and Members of the Board.
  7. Miss Rosemarie Wee suggested  for a big body as there is going to be, at least 2 or more Vice-Presidents to be elected.
  8. Mr. Eduardo Cheong inquired from the Chairman the number of members to compose the Members of the Board.
  9. From the body, suggestions came in and that there should be seven board members, three Vice-President, and positions be opened for an auditor and a PRO.
  10. Mr. Alberto Yu suggested that instead of holding an election. Mrs. Alvarez be given the authority to appoint members of the faculty to compose the different committees, however this suggestion met the objections of the general body.
  11. Mr. Pete Chua suggested that before the election is held, a COMELEC composed of 3 members be formed. This suggestion was brought to the body and the body decided against it.
  12. So Mr. Lim opened the table for nominations and the results of the election were as follows:
President: Mr. Francis Lim
Vice-President: Mr. Vicente Chua
Mr. Pete Chan
Mr. Ramon Que
Secretary: Ms. Anita L. Cheong
Treasurer: Mr. Lim Go
Auditor: Mr. Ramon Sanchez
P R O: Mr. Julian Chiong
Sgt.-At-Arms: Mr. Ricardo Fernandez
Members of the Board:
Mrs. Gertrudes Lim
Engr. Benito Ong
Mr. Alberto Yu
Mr. Francisco Lim
Mr. Eduardo Cheong
Mrs. Evelia Chan
Mr. Felipe Tan
  • Class representatives were also appointed.
  • It was decided that the class representatives will meet with the officers on November 5, 1978 at 2PM the School Office.
  • A collection plate was passed around and P481.65 was collected to defray the expenses for the snacks prepared.
  • There being no further business to discuss , the meeting was adjourned at 5PM.


From the ZCHHS Alumni Association File